Followers of Jesus who will do Whatever It Takes


followers of Jesus who will do whatever it takes

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What is WIT Conference?

WIT Conference has a simple mission: encourage students to do Whatever It Takes to be like Jesus. We meet once a month to have fun, worship, pray together and encourage one another. The dream is simple; create a space where students from different churches, schools, and cities can get together and be encouraged in their faith.



Who’s invited?

WIT Conference is designed for high school and college students. There will be background checked adult volunteers in attendance as well.


how much does it cost?

Usually a conference of this caliber would cost anywhere from $25 - $75 but WIT Conference is totally FREE! We run solely off of the support of people like you! We also sell merchandise which is available on site at events.


How can i get involved?

We need supporters like you to partner with us in three simple ways:

Pray - we need your prayers

Promote - share our posts and encourage students to attend

Provide - you can support us by giving financially


whatever it takes.

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